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  1. Dear Manjula, I made this dish last night, following your recipe exactly, and it came out so well! I had never eaten this dish before, but it looked delicious, and it was! Thank you once again for sharing your wealth of knowledge with us.

  2. Nice recipe.
    Mam, i have two queries
    One is do we need to cover the pan while boiling gatte AND second is can we use onion n tomatoes tadka?
    Thanks for sharing a great recipe.
    Your teaching method look like a real mum.

    Thanks n regards
    Mrs. Rajni

  3. Hello auntyji,
    Tried this recipe today & of course it turned out yummmmyyy 🙂 thank u so much for being such a great help for girls like me who fear trying new Indian items in the kitchen!
    You are an amazing cook! Can you share more Marwari dishes please…

  4. Manjulaji I absolutely love your recipes and have been cooking for my wife watching your videos. Had a quick question, why do my gatte get so hard? Is there a way to make them soft? Do I need to add baking soda?
    Thanks and keep up the good work! All the best.

  5. I live in Karachi. My parents born in Kota Rajhistan. My parents cook almost all Typical Rajhistani foods including this receipe but thay call gatta " AWUNLAY "
    love u all

  6. Thanks so much for your recipes, Manjula! I'm a Russian immigrant living in Canada, so you can imagine I would know next to nothing about indian cuisine, yet I can't get enough of its flavour and true vegetarian nature. Your recipes are easy to follow and are a great introduction to some very delicious food.

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