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  1. Everyone says tempeh has a bitter taste, I am very confused even though tempeh doesn't have a bitter taste at all, you can come to Indonesia to taste the original tempeh,And there is absolutely no bitter taste in tempeh, maybe you eat tempeh that is stale

  2. There is a discrepancy between the written recipe on your website vs the video. Ingredients for rice vinegar are 1TBS on the website versus 2 TBS on the video. For honey, website says 1TBS versus 2TBS in video. Which amount should it be for the rice vinegar?

  3. Imdonesian here To all Vegans: Please NEVER cook tempeh like how you cook a beef…. it wo tastes disgusting!
    you should cook it like how you cook potato or chicken

  4. If you want to get some of the bitterness out of the Tempeh, cut it into some cubes and boil it in some vegetable stock for about 15 minutes, flipping halfway. It really makes a difference!

  5. Can tasty make more recipe for tempeh dish, maybe you can take reference from my country dish Indonesia like tempeh bacem, opor tempeh, fried tempeh can you believe it fried tempe or i call it gorengan tempeh it's very popular in here and easy to cook
    Make more tempeh dish please

  6. I made it but it was much too salty for me?? it's possible though that i put too much soy sauce to soak it in bc i did eyeball it.. if anyone else is deciding whether or not to make it i would say go for it!!! i don't see anyone else saying it was too salty so maybe just follow the directions strictly

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