German Beef Rouladen Recipe + Homemade Spaetzle

This amazing beef rouladen is stuffed up with mustard, pickles, and onions and served with a delicious easy to make beef gravy.


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. One crucial step you overlooked, so I’ll call it a tip instead: press those cooked veggies through the chinois! It adds a tremendous about of extra flavour, body/texture and the colour of the Soße (sauce or gravy) is lightened (ie correct 😉)

  2. Just a simple comment from a swabian: just cook the spätzle and do not fry them in a pan. They will not soak the sauce as good as just cooked. I highly recommend just waiting for the rouladen to get ready and make the spätzle just in time to serve.
    Also: making spätzle by hand (without an kitchen aid) is the best lower arm workout on earth 😉

  3. There are different opinions on the ingredients in the roulades and the correct wrapping technique. Here is a German video from a professional chef in which the roulades are wrapped perfectly for my taste. It's in German, but the pictures speak for themselves 😉

  4. Yes Rouladen are soooo tasty. Here in Germany there are many variants dependent on the region. Here in Northern Germany we like them with good yellow potatoes grown on sandy ground and Rotkohl or Brechbohnen. Sorry i do not know the english names for that vegetables. Most germans are used to let the beef cut in 5-6mm thick slices at the butchers cutting machine. So you do not have to beat them with the mallet. They become tender anyway because of the long cookingtime…

  5. My dad used to love making these and I'm carrying the torch. I loved seeing that you make them almost exactly like our own family recipe. Allow me to critique your Spätzle ever so slightly (as a native Swabian, that is my birthright 😀 ) – The batter needs to be whisked by hand using a wooden spoon and doesn't need to be all smooth. If you want it even better, use "Weizendunst" which is kinda the inbetween of flour and semolina and sparkling water. And the true king will make them by scraping them into the water off a small cutting board 💪
    But hey, they look PERFECT and all in all you've made me very happy while watching this.

  6. Some tips as a German: We don't use sirloin, ribeye or flanksteak for Rouladen because it is too good to stew. Top round, bottom round or eye round is good. In addition, we do not plate the meat, but cut it directly into larger and thinner pieces.
    With the gherkins (many use cornichons here) you really do not have to cut off the ends. In addition, I would also advise here to very thin slices than to sticks, but of course everyone can do it as he likes.
    Whether to use bacon (many people use here fat bacon) or Black Forest ham (Schwarzwälder Schinken) is a matter of faith. There is no right answer here.
    Classic German mustard is used for the mustard like he said in the video. Some also use half normal mustard, the other half sweet mustard.
    The onions classically go in the roulade, but you can also just add them to the sauce.
    When rolling the roulades, there is also no direct specification of how to do it. In a restaurant, I would definitely use the technique as in the video. Many housewives will not roll up the roulades on the side beforehand, as the roulade will hold up in the end that way, and when rolled up properly, little to no content will come out of the roll.
    You can use butcher's wine or needles, it doesn't really matter.
    But please use more wine, that is really little he used here. In the end, however, you should definitely add some heavy cream or creme fraiche (to taste) to the roulades.
    I can't say anything about the spaetzle, I'm not a Swabian.

    But overall really did a good job in the video 👍

  7. Don´t put them in a oven, just cook them. It is important to reduce the sauce and fill it up again up with water. But you have to check regulary that they did not get burnt.

  8. Also German here: 7:05 If done right, it really doesn't taste good at that time. You really need to roast the veggies with the tomato paste until the bottom of your pot is completely covered with a dark brown layer. If you than deglace with dry red wine, all you will taste at this time is the roast flavors, as well as the terpenes and alcohol from the red wine. It is more of a bitter mess. The magic happens in the following 2 hours (i actually prefer 3 hours). So don't be discouraged if it doesn't taste awesome at the beginning. Just trust me, it's worth the patience.
    For the ones suggesting the use of a pressure cooker: Just don't! You will get the tenderness, but you will get nowhere near the flavors. Been there, done that…

  9. i am sorry but there are some things you do totally wrong.. the onion for the rouladen dont come raw on the beef you but them like 1 min to roast and then the spaetzle you dont use a machine you beat the spaetzle with your hand or a stick till it make big bubbles, also use a little bit watersoda.

  10. I'm from germany and i eat spaetzle since im 1 years old and your spaetzle dough is completly wrong you just need eggs, flavor a little bit Soda water

  11. Gherkins? Jesus christ, please stop
    1. the correct spelling of this pickled vegetable is Gurke (cucumber in eng. Feminin singular) or Gurken (cucumbers in eng. feminin plural) not Gherkins
    2. The correct pronounciation ist Gu (as in the oo of oof) r ken (as in the name Ken)
    3. There is literally no need to violate the german language. English has a perfectly suitable word for Gurken, its called pickled cucumber, or just pickles.

    Also, RouladenS is incorrect. Roulade (feminin, singular), RouladeN (feminin, plural). The -n at the end indicates the plural. However, that isnt the case with all words in German. for Example: das Auto (eng: car, neuter singular), die Autos (eng: cars, neuter plural)

    And bevor anyone complains, i Germany we say: Nicht geschimpft ist lob genug (not getting scolded is enough praise)

  12. Man that jelly and butter in the end for the sauce just killed it for me bro. It was a kinda wierd rezipe from the beginning with the sellerie and all but i still thought "ehh why not". But as a german who loves this dish, I cannot approve this rezipe 🙁

  13. keep in mind that american pickels are dogshit not even close to be compared to german ones so this tastes actually wayyy better in germany still a nice recipe tho

  14. They are perfect to freeze for later just seal airtight with some sauce and you only need cooking water and its an easy meal or cook in glasses then you can just put them on the shelf and can used after months

  15. I always add a peace of "Kassler" to the sauce. Kassler is smoked and at best very marbled pork neck. You just got to simmer it with the Rouladen.

  16. In Germany you can get stainless steel rouladen clips. One end has a hook and the other side has a series of holes where that hook will go in, according to the circumference of your roulade. It should be possible to get them via an online dealer.

  17. Good to see that German food is liked in America as a German, its not Only Bratwurst and Sauerkraut here xD Even so i love to eat a good Bratwurst and Sauerkraut 😀

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