Ginger Tumeric Shots | The Edgy Veg

This episode of The Edgy Veg, at the request of many users, Candice reveals her secret recipe for amazing Ginger Turmeric shots …


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  1. good night to you your recipe is perfect nut you did not say have you should drink and which is the best time you should drink it and idont agree with you say that two handfuls this is not good enough at all ok please say excat amount ok when you doing show please come with excat recipe because you dont no who you going to meet ok

  2. Love this video, had my first ginger shot and it was a crippling agonizing experience for my throat and chest but I'm sold. This is my new health ritual….

  3. it's 11pm someone recommend it that I should wacth your videos and omg I love them ca nt wait to make all this, cuz my kids are not to happy about being Vegan and I show them ur videos quickly and they were so so happy well ok maybe not as exited as I am😁 thank u so much love ur energy! I don't even know u but ur one of my favorite humans from now on LOL I'm s
    so excited to cook all of this!😁😁😁

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