Going Vegan- How To Go Vegan in 10 easy Steps

Many of you have asked, What is vegan? How do I go vegan? What is the first step? How do I go vegan successfully? And why …


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  1. I have recently become VEGAN and love the lifestyle change. Your video is so inspirational to me and to many others. Loving the outreach you are giving to others who are interested in making this switch. I know that starting out for me was complex and I used this 1-month starter challenge that seemed to help me make the transition https://bit.ly/2S6YdLu. I hope this link helps others as it has transformed me to become VEGAN. Love plants, they are so good for your soul.

  2. transition gradual and this week got to stage 2 and said goodbye to milk. Im already 10 kilos lighter…this is the best way-my photos-wow you can see it in my skin already! I am loving thai salads

  3. My mother doesn't like it but it has helped me lose weight. I've recently cut cheese and milk but haven't cut yogurt yet because idk what to use instead of yogurt for smoothies

  4. I went vegan cold "lentil" (cauze no turkey 😉 ) and worked for me, im a all or nothing person. I threw all food out that wasn't vegan, spend an eternety in the grocerystore and called myself vegan from that point on. Almost 1 year ago now 🙂

  5. How do you go full vegan? My almost 2 year old and I were diagnosed when he was 4 months with a dairy allergy and we have now confidently can make it without dairy. Now what is the next step? I tried to get rid of eggs and failed because I love sweets and haven't found vegan ones that actually taste good. I would like to eventually get to where we are eating whole foods.

  6. Thanks for the video ! Some great tips and they work. I am in the process of going vegan and yes, it helps to take steps. I have a teenage son who does not like the idea and this makes it makes it difficult and this is why I have to take steps. I buy in the same produce for him but with healthier, and some vegan options in there. It's vegan for the rest of the family. He always enjoys what I make so perhaps one day 😉 I've also always been a foodie and this is why it has taken me longer to act, even though I've been drawn to have this lifestyle for a long time. When I was recently diagnosed with IBS and lactose intolerant, I was pushed to remove dairy completely, so this was easy. I then had to follow the low fodmap diet for 6 wks. Then I started to seeking out vege/vegan meal inspiration and people like yourselves. This has motivated me so much. I now have decided to train as a vegan chef and run my own business spreading the word on optimum health from a vegan diet. I hope to publish my own cookbook one day to help others too. Perhaps my own you tube channel too !Thank you again and much love x

  7. Great tips! Thank you! I told my husband I was going vegan for my health and he kind of freaked out a little. I have health problems and I just need some of the control back over my body. I'd like to be off pills eventually. I think the slow approach works for me as well because I'm an emotional eater. I know I'll freak out and feel like a failure if I jump right in rather than ease myself into it.

  8. I'm not vegetarian or vegan…yet….we'll get there. I never cook meat for myself, since I actually don't even like it THAT much and it's extra hassle to buy, make and what not. Unfortunately, I'm not the only one with a vote. How do you make life work when a vegan and non vegan live together (and eat of course). I can cook, though I always get the "It's great but I miss the meat". I don't want to cook twice (we mix a lot so putting it in later is often not an option)

  9. I am thinking about going vegan, but none of documentaries about the meat industry affects me. If cats or dogs were used as a meat source I wouldn't have a problem eating them (i probably have already). Anyways, i know going cold Turkey only all meat is not going to work. So would taking one type of meat out at a time work, and in which order?

  10. Thank you so much!!! I’ve been trying to go vegan since the 5th grade and these haterrrrssss girrrrl 🙄🙄🙄 & I’m 21 now. And I’m really serious about taking this step, thank you for making me feel comfortable. I just have a small question. I’m allergic to soy, what do you recommend for me?

  11. i became vegan after watching a documentary called "what the health" and the political aspects really got me as well as the way animals where farmed. i quite kind of cold turkey and it was surprisingly easy for me. Some of it was hard like cheese because i love cheese!!! love cheese!! But it became easier as i got it out of my life and found substitutes for it. i knew how i wanted to eat and what i wanted to keep in my diet, but i had to find what i could substitute animal protein for in the same recipes i loved.

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