Gordon Ramsay makes a Cauliflower Steak?!?

2022 Goals: Balance. So set your health goals with this delicious and easy Cauliflower steak that can be done in under 10 …


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  1. I think this 10 min stuff is a scam. It takes at least another 10 minutes or even more to prepare everything and put it on the table ready to use. Depends on the dish. If the table would be empty to start with it would be fine and then first start chopping herbs and vegetables. I can do a thai red curry in 10 minutes if everything is already chopped and the paste is ready to use on the table.

  2. Cauliflower steak=almond milk. This video made me lose so much respect for Gordon. Especially after all the times I laughed at him, making fun of vegans. We should start canceling sellouts like this.

  3. 0:32 Gordon tries to say something about steak, mistakes Cauliflower for steak. 
    No thanks, "World's Greatest Once Marco dies", I'll pass. 
    Cauliflower is for not me but you, sissies.

  4. If you're careful you can get two "steaks" out of the cauliflower.

    We've been making cauliflower "steaks" at our home for at least a decade, we just cover each steak with olive oil and then salt, pepper, garlic powder, and paprika. Then we grill it briefly to get grill marks and then move it off direct heat until it softens. The entire family loves it! I'm going to give Gordon's recipe a try as the ingredients are really interesting.

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