Greek Chicken Souvlaki Recipe (Seasoned Chicken Kebabs)

This delicious chicken souvlaki recipe is lemon and herb marinated kebabs that are grilled to perfection and served up with tzatziki. Souvlaki is a classical Greek …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. Hi Billy. If you use Persian cucumber you don't need to take the seeds out. In persian cuisine we have a similar side dish made with grated or finely diced cucumber, yogurt and dried mint. Try it you'll love it. This side dish is also enjoyed with straight vodka!

  2. Wow, Billy. This is amazing!

    Tonight my family had one of the best meals ever, for us it's top 5. I am not a trained cook but I do love cooking and I really appreciate your focus on technique and attention to detail. Adding salt to the cucumber and then squeezing out the remaining water to get better tzatziki or packing the Kebabs tightly so they are juicier… simple, so important. We made this recipe and the salad from your previous video…the dressing alone is worth trying that recipe.

    A few suggestions for anyone trying this for the first time with the tzatziki: I overdid it with the garlic and lemon so I am going to adjust it the next time and would recommend adding those slowly and to taste.

    If you are ever in the bay area, my family would love to take you to dinner.

  3. I am greek and I approve this message! That's exactly how I make my tzatziki.
    Fun fact, in Athens we usually combine pork souvlaki with tzatziki and chicken with a mayo-ketchup sauce.

  4. Who buys chicken breasts anymore? The “wooden” chicken breast has plagued the poultry industry for years. I gag just thinking about biting into that disgusting texture.

  5. Your mediterranian heritage here again provides great recipes! You know, here in germany people go to greek restaurants where they don't even serve a slice of lemon with the souvlaki. So i really enjoyed the fresh things on your plate. Greetings from half greek Alex

  6. Hello , please allow me to share my opinion, a small information about what you made and some tips in general .
    The souvlaki is traditionally made with pork (accompanied with bread ) not lamb, and the newest addition to that street food is chicken and beef ( accompanied with pita bread ) .
    We don't eat lamb in Greece more then 2 , maximum 4 times a year , depending some certain dishes and occasions and of course it also depends in which area in Greece you live . Even from ancient times it wasn't our meat of preference despite what people thinks . These animals are used for the production of cheeses and yogurt.
    Also inside the Tzatziki we put red vinegar not
    lemon and for the amount you made , a tea spoon should be right and of course as you mentioned correctly no herbs .As for the meat marinate and the herb of preference , greek oregano is enough ( Oregano is a Greek word , it means mountain-joy ) .
    Nice video my friend as always , stay safe , God bless .

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