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  1. Dear Manjula, Can I use Nido milk powder? I think that is full fat, therefore, could I use normal milk in that case? Or should I still use cream. I have followed many of your recipes, thank you so much, and God bless

  2. hello aunti, I made gulag Jamun yesterday and they were amazing. Everyone loved them. credit goes to you.. thanks alot for sharing easy and straight forward recipes….and keep it up…😃
    god bless you….

  3. Thank you so much for all this recipes I live in Uruguay I could try some Indian food with Indians who are living here know I can prepare and more Uruguayans will know how amazing is Indian food

  4. hello , i am from spain . i saw your gulab jamun recipe 4 years before and 3 years i was making very good gulab jamun. but now from last one year i donot know what happen, always there is ball in side the gulab jamun. please guide me what should i do . thankyou

  5. manjula-
    I just have recently come to your wonderful channel. I fell in love with a vegetable korma and mattar tofu I had a few weeks ago and I found your video for it and have gotten so excited at all the delicious dishes you offer here. I'm so glad you're here to teach us Indian cuisine thank you!

  6. hello manjula
    I tried making the gulab jamun initially it worked good for me for about 2 to 3 times. but now when m trying them again with some ghee n thickened cream , my gulab jamun is not coming up all the rolls disintegrate in the oil😔😔

  7. Hi Mam,the recipe came out really nice…thanks for sharing this recipe….In india we can get the full fat milk powder(already has fat)in that case shall we replace heavy cream with regular whole milk?kindly clarify my above query

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