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  1. I tried many ways but I couldn't get the best result! Finally I watched your video OMG I made the best gulab jamun today! I'm pregnant and was craving for it! I was talking to my mom saying I was I was in India but your video helped me and I ate 3 now I feel so satisfied! Thank you so much ! Best and easy recipe ! Thanks again!!

  2. First time I made jamuns according to your recipe, they turned excellent. But second and third fell apart when frying. I measured everything very precisely, but still no good. I have a stack of "bad" dough. 

    Can this dough be used for something else? Or need to though away?
    Thank you!

  3. hi aunty g… i have tried this recipe 3 times earlier and the results were fantastic every time… but yesterday my gulab jamuns dissolved in oil while frying.. 🙁  the heat was medium and i think dough was also right… dont know where lies the error… please advice… thanks

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