Ham and Lentil Soup Recipe

I always get a little sad as summer turns to fall because living in Chicago I know what comes after that, winter. Winter is brutal here in Chicago so in order to keep …


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  1. Should this be made with a ham that's already cooked/cured? Could you make it with an uncooked ham and if so would you need to cook the ham first? It seems like the only cooked hams at the store are boneless and I'd like that flavor from the bone. I'm not very clear about what constitutes a "ham" either – does it have be precooked to be a ham? Thanks to anyone who can answer!

  2. Hiya! New subscriber here. Oh how I miss my Chi ❤ but not the winters, thus my sojourn to So Cal 🌞.. I digress… love this recipe and will try for this flavour profile as it looks fabulous! Thank you!! ( jeeminy, holy big garlic cloves!) 😁

  3. Might not be vegetarian but I'm sure if I leave the meat out it'll be just as nice, and it'll help expand my lentil recipe pool

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