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  1. What purpose does flouring the egg before encasing in sausage serve? I've never seen that step before in a scotch egg recipe. I genuinely want to know, thanks.

  2. for heavens sake, why is everyone so salty that the egg was served with fruit?
    Serving fruit with like an egg or sausage or hashbrowns is a normal thing, it is a really nice combination and a great way to balance your breakfast and add some freshness.
    Plus, it was probably mostly for looks and you don't have to put fruit with yours if you dont want to! geez

  3. No one can tell me shit, this is a SCOTCH EGG and it’s been around in Britain for more than a hundred years, it’s not some creative new Instagram food. And I am triggered the served it with FRUIT

  4. We always make these at my house but without the hash browns and we love them. We cut the boiled egg in half before wrapping it otherwise its too big. Gona try it with the hash brown, bet its gona be delish!

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