Have you ever heard of RANCH POWDER?! (Trust me on this!)

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  1. I love this idea. Really want to make it. But no measurements? I did try your website. I looked under recipes for Ranch powder, ranch mix, ranch. So please, if this recipt is on your website, please provide a link.

  2. MSG really? Even you are part of the propaganda. If you think MSG is healthy do this. Eat 10 grams of it everyday life for 1 whole year and then let us know how you feel?
    I really don't care for people anymore. They can eat food and fall sick but I have an Issue with MSG being wrongly assumed as healthy because you could literally be eating shit and you would not know it because of MSG added.
    Yes there are street chinese stalls that use expired flour that has maggots in it but they mill it again use chemicals to bind it as it has lost its binding power as they mill it at high heat to grind the maggots and make it dry and then bleach it to remove the bad smell.
    The soy sauce is literally black chemical dye and more that expire flour and MSG.
    Tomato they use is rotten vegetables that are left behind at the vegetable markets and color.
    Only thing fresh they use is a ginger garlic and capsicum and onion.
    Even that they add just as a garnish. Without MSG there is no way nobody would eat that shit.
    But They eat it. So I want to know if a restaurant is using MSG I don't care for health issues I just know that a real chef would never use MSG its not needed. If they are using MSG then either the chef does not to cook or/AND they are using shit ingredients to increase profits.

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