HEALTHY NO-BAKE ENERGY BITES | 3 Ways | Chocolate Chip | Blueberry | Birthday Cake | The Edgy Veg

Back to school is almost here and you for sure are going to be needing these easy, vegan, no bake energy bite recipes for a quick …


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  1. Wonderful recipes….I subbed in dried goji/cranberries as I had no blueberries. They were absolutely delicious & for an extra protein boost I put I a tbsp of vanilla protein powder. Thank you so much.

  2. Like the conscious approach to ingredients. For those who suffer with acne, hormonal acne, where diet hugely impacts, what could we use as an alternative to oats please as oats/wheat etc is a no-no for me 🙂 dates are also high GI which cause spike in insulin. I wondered how to blend berries (blue and black berries are low GI) but how to make them into a binding solid treat? Maybe almond yoghurt bark, flavored.

  3. Ok- so …like you’re totally adorable. Ugh I want gonna watch another damn energy ball recipe.. but glad I saw ya cause your balls are glossy. So thanks for that!! Keep cool y’all 🦋

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