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  1. Vegan barbeque ribs???
    I make some for my family but its real meat I hate making it but I feel rude not to I want to introduce them to a vegan recipe equally as good please 🙂

  2. For the bread thing. You don't have to go to a bakery. You can just look at the ingredients to make sure that the first ingredient is some derivate of whole wheat or grain and not "enriched flour". The main difference between the breads that say they're whole wheat to sell product and the actual, healthy bread is that the actual healthy whole wheat bread has actual wheat flour as the first ingredient.

  3. Bread! I tend toward gluten-free because I just feel better off it, but today I realized I had vegan cocktail rye bread, home made whole wheat bread, home made salt free white bread[for stuffing for tomorrow's Thanksgiving feast], and store bought organic vegan 9-grain sandwich bread. I was like, how the eff did I end up with all this bread? Am I sleepbaking? Sleepshopping? My name is Tamara, and I'm addicted to bread. Loved this advice, especially the fruit juice + fizzy water, like duh, but it didn't occur to me!

  4. I loved the video, and I love your kindness to non vegans and just your attitude in general! thanks for all your videos, I love your recipes too!

  5. I came from Anthony's channel, I am going more vegan nowadays.Have you ever tried Indian cuisine? Since I am from India I most of the time have vegan bc of it but yet I have yogurt as a dipping but it's optional.Your channel seems awesome I am going to subscribe:)

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