High Protein Plant Based Meals for Running

full written recipes – https://www.avantgardevegan.com/recipes/?_sf_s=marathon Tefals Ingenio pans Use the code …


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  1. How do you get b12 though? As humans we’ve always been Hunter gatherers and always got b12 naturally so if you’re a vegan and taking b12 supplements surely you’re still getting your b12 from a meat source. I ask this because thought about going vegan but it’s far more expensive expensive even growing your own food, than just eating a well balanced diet that humans have done for years since our days as Hunter gatherers / farmer hunters

  2. 5 years ago i was on the tail end of an ultimate 4 year vegan stint. definitely the best i've ever felt physically. i've run a couple HALF marathons since then but i'm telling you, nothing compares to that veggie fuel! right now i'm the fattest i've ever been, sitting in a bathtub in Myrtle Beach SC, watching this euro boy on youtube kick my ass! changing my ways now!

  3. Absolutely despise putting fruit and all that other sh@t on my oats.
    Just organic oats, water and a little drop of oat milk after they've cooked; no sugar or sweetener, perfect.

  4. Sorry, late on the video. Your garden is awesome!
    Fyi: for cramping in muscles during running, just a pinch of mustard will stop it.
    Therapist in medical tent of Honolulu marathon.😅

  5. Thanks. I am a kidney transplan and a HM runner. Your video really helps me to prepare my meals and keep my kidney healthy. I will try with stuff available in southeast asia country.❤

  6. Yes vegan runner and loving this thank you so much. I have the London marathon in April and really nervous about it and this will def hep me to get the right nutrition. I’ll be out there about 5-6 hours too so might need some nutrition on course 😂

  7. Love your recipes hopefully I can make one of your high protein meals one of these days. Also love it how you are growing your food and cooking outside and just go pick whatever you need from your garden

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