Homemade Banana Bread Recipe

Learn how easy it is to make the most delicious homemade banana bread recipe that is light, fluffy, and nothing short of delicious.


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. Just made this and it is now my "go to" banana bread recipe. I forgot the pinch of salt so I sprinkled it on top with the brown sugar, walnut topping. Finally, a moist, light banana bread.

  2. Perfecto, I made it yesterday and shared it with some family members. The unanimous verdict was an absolute A+++, Adding the walnut was the key to make this banana bread so outstanding!!!. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  3. You know.. people binge watch Netflix and Prime and what have you. Me? I binge watch your channel. Skills and recipes be ON POINT EVERY TIME. Can’t help but want to learn more from you with every video! Happy Thanksgiving! 2022😅😊

  4. Amazing! Thank you! This is a wonderful recipe. I needed to convert the quantities to metric and google "stick" of butter! Lucky I did otherwise I would have had double the butter!!! 😂 I reduced the internal sugar content a little. Wow! So good.
    Warm greetings from Switzerland!

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