Homemade Chana Masala Recipe

This incredibly delicious homemade Chana Masala is a fantastic vegan entrรฉe that is bursting with amazing Indian spices.


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. Brother use cow ghee instead of oil and see the magic . The taste goes to another level . Also add fresh tomato puree instead of diced tomatoes and before adding water to the onion ,tomato and spice mix wait for the oil to come to the sides and let the masala cook properly then you can add water followed by chickpeas.

  2. FYI usually the spices used in Indian dishes are cooked in oil, over low heat until the oil and spices separate, then the other ingredients are added. The reason that has been explained to me by Indian cooks, is to take away the raw taste of the spices. I was wondering if your dry-frying them does the same thing?

  3. Love all your work Chef. Love that you made your spice mixes yourself. Your explanation is also excellent. One little note, aqua faba is chickpea boiling water not soaking water.
    Excellent channel, please keep up the good work.

  4. I haven't tried this but just discovered you channel, making your hummus tonight. I have never made an Indian dish that I was fully satisfied with, as I always see the similar ingredients listed and I've tried about 100 times. Can I ask what kind of cinnamon do you use? I've been using Ceylon because the other taste too strong. Also, make sure the dried mango is small if you put it into a grinder, it almost broke my spice grinder.

  5. OK, so Chef Billy Parisi and I must be on the same wavelength. First of all, I'm happy to watch this video and see that his stainless pots and pans look like they could use some Barkeeper's Friend, just like mine. BUT … for about the last week or so, I've been looking at recipes for Chana Masala because I'm making Indian for our dinner club in a week and that's one of the dishes I was going to prepare. And voila, 2 days ago this video gets posted and I find it today. I mean, what are the odds? So, thanks CBP. Appreciate ya.

  6. Chef you have missed a prominent spice which is very essential for chana masala ie)dried pomegranate seeds powder ..Please add this next time and see the change ..this is a tip from an Indian ๐Ÿ˜ƒ….otherwise the recipe is bang on โค

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  9. I just love how you encourage everyone to cook from scratch, it truly is the best way to eat. I've been cooking from scratch my whole life but got away from it while working on my business – but now back in full force. Also cooking a lot more vegan – still love meat and eggs, etc….but def loving vegan and Middle Eastern cooking as of late. Thanks for this one!!

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