Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe

This homemade chicken noodle soup recipe made from scratch is so comforting and packed with chicken, vegetables, homemade broth, and noodles.


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. How does this video only have 10,000 views. COME ON YOUTUBE ALGORITHM!

    You put so much effort into the production quality and presentation of your videos. I am utterly shocked you rake up so little views.

  2. I'm recovering from covid (day 11) and just found out today I have pneumonia too. I'm going to be making this for myself tonight. I can't tell you HOW much I appreciate these recipes. Although I can't taste anything today (I have made the matzo ball a few times) and in my head I know it taste good and is good for me. I can't wait to make your play on apple-pie once my taste/smell comes back. Keep up the AMAZING work. You are awesome. Thank you, thank you!!!

    PS. I had NO idea about the bones. I have been throwing them away and buying my stock. This is a GAME changer!!

  3. This looks completely delicious and very much like the chicken and _ soup i have made for the last 50 years give or take. The blank can be filled in with noodles or rice or potatoes or whatever starchy substance you can afford at the moment. I have used several sorts of grains and it was still wonderful. My issue with your instructions is if you don't like warmed over noodles /pasta why would you make more than you can eat for that meal? and why would you ever cook your pasta in water when you could set aside however much soup you think you won't use tonight so that you can cook the noodles in how ever much soup you plan to use tonight. The pasta would absorb the flavor of the broth/soup and make everything that much better. What am I doing wrong?

  4. I have discovered your FaceBook page and now on YouTube! Love your delicious and easy videos! You now have me a subscriber! Thank you for your easy steps videos and looking forward to more of them!

  5. Any negative comments and 👎 dislikes you get are from restaurant owners lol. With the pandemic inspiring so many people to step their cooking game up, the restaurant owners are about to start the R.O.M (restaurant owners matter) movement.

    You wanna know what's even worse than eating out…ordering from home (Uber Eats, Grubb ect) Hot food doesn't travel well, and you end up paying MORE (delivery fee and tip) for food that doesn't taste as good out of a to-go container as it does when you dine in-person and the food is freshly delivered to your table on a plate.

    Home cooking is the way to go. Easier on the wallet and 100× better as longbad you know what you need, what to do with it and how to do it! Only downside is the post meal clean up lol. I need a housekeeper….or some kids!

  6. I love the way u did that i have seen several recipes but yours was very easy to follow. I will make this for my Patient very soon. P. S i will Add in some Maggie and maybe some Pumpkin.

  7. I just found your channel today, and you’ve definitely gained a new subscriber! I love your video style. The voiceover format makes this video so relaxing and peaceful to watch. Keep up the amazing work!!!

  8. Seriously, you're Italian and didn't mention grated pecorino – romano on this 🤦🏼‍♀️ White pepper is a nice touch, also but maybe not so much with the grated cheese. Nothing better for a storm coming in from the Atlantic, up here, providing chilly gusts. Warm bathrobe, bowl of egg noodle chicken noodle with big orange carrots 🎯
    Thank you for the great upload and great video presentation 👍👏

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