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  1. A bit late but this was one of the best recipe videos I've ever seen. I love the story telling and the calmness of the whole thing. Please make more videos like these.

  2. Somebody tell Ben that Lebanon, (although the shittiest country and people on earth) has the best shawarma hands down. Get him away from that sandwich with cucumber and tomatoes because it's an embarrassment. And if you're Lebanese and you got butthurt about what I said about Lebanon save it because unfortunately, I am Lebanese.

  3. I live in the south. I have never had this before in my life, so I cooked it minus the sumac I couldn’t find any. This is the best recipe I’ve ever tried to make. It tasted gourmet to say it kinda like a sandwich. I’m shook.

  4. Let me tell you, I ate this at least three times a week, I exercised, and so far, I’ve lost five lbs. I ate one wrap and the rest was salad. This is my type of diet food.

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