Homemade Chilaquiles Recipe (Rojos Style) + Fried Eggs

This delicious easy to make homemade chilaquiles recipe is loaded up with a zesty roasted tomato sauce and homemade fried …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. I love your Mexican dish recipes! You do a very good job. I like to eat chilaquiles with Mexican cream, which tastes a lot like creme fraiche. Another comment, I would soak the chiles de arbol and ancho in a little bit of hot water to soften them up more after toasting them. Awesome video!

  2. Chef Billy to the rescue again! This is recipe #2 that I tried on my crew at the firehouse and they loved it! I’ve never even had chilaquiles, much less made them, but your videos and teaching style make even the most reluctant amateur chefs feel confident in the kitchen. If your recipes can help me win over the meat n’ potatoes crowd in a Midwestern firehouse, there’s nothing they can’t do! Thanks, chef!

  3. Thank you for a wonderful video showing how to make Chilaquilas. And thank you for removing the core out of the tomatoes. I despise finding a nasty bit if core in my vegetable dish. All of your details are great-so helpful.

  4. Grew up on this ! Mostly dinner ! But NEVER this fancy ! Eagles Brand Chill, found in Spice isle. Mom would make a rue, just like gravy. Using beef broth or just water. Ground beef, sliced olives and a few whole black ones! We never knew who was a winner ! Whole ones were the surprise ! Just a fun thing.My Job was to fry the corn tortillas and grate the cheeses cheddar and jack. Sometimes Instead of cutting tortillas we would tare them. This would be called RAGS !!! I will try your fancy recipe. We did all that like you did and saved all the labor for enchiladas! Rags was used for Fast and lots to feed. Thank you ! Deb in California ❤️

  5. My mouth is watering but I’d practically die before I could eat a fried egg. No rhyme or reason just can’t do fried or boiled eggs. Although eggs any other way, omelet, scrambled are fine.

  6. My mouth is watering but I’d practically die before I could eat a fried egg. No rhyme or reason just can’t do fried or boiled eggs. Although eggs any other way, omelet, scrambled are fine.

  7. I'm a Californian, so I'm familiar with Chilaquiles. They are a favorite. Any decent Mexican restaurant has their own version, but they are also often available in diner style/cafe style restaurants. I first had them about 15 years ago at a fabulous little breakfast/lunch place in Oxnard, CA called Mrs. Olsen' s🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 They were amazing!!

  8. Simple and Easy to make this recipe and homemade.Perfect!!
    Chilaquiles is the best and one of my favorite dish,I like it!
    Thank you for shaing your recipe '' Chef Billi Parisi'', you got the perfect recipe Chef.Stay healthy

  9. Las tortillitas ya cortadas se conocen como "totopos". La forma original de hacer los totopos es, primero ponerlos a secar al sol. Hecho lo anterior se fríen y son deliciosos porque se pueden comer también con guacamole. La salsa original evidentemente no lleva vinagre ni aceite de oliva y sí aceite vegetal o a veces manteca de cerdo; los vegetales se asan en un comal a la usanza tradicional. Una torta de chilaquiles es un alimento celestial, es un must. What I like about your videos is that you always emphasize about following religiously the techniques, that is something that not all the youtubers do. Congratulations!!!!

  10. A few things.
    1. Cilantro is classic on chilaquiles, the same as chopped onions and avocado. The new thing is to add chicken or carne asada.
    2. Epazote is a plant you can find from México to Argentina, but México is the only one that uses epazote in gastronomy.
    3. The way you do it it's good, but there's another way to make chilaquiles if you want them crunchy, just place totopos (what the English world call chips) in a plate and pour the sauce on top.
    4. You can eat Chilaquiles with a bolillo, which is a Mexican bread. Or you can place your chilaquiles inside the bolillo and becomes a "torta de chilaquiles", basically a chilaquiles sandwich.
    5. For all those asking about crema. Crema is a new thing, is not part of the authentic mexican dish. By the way, it's usually jocoque, not crema what you use in chilaquiles. Crema started being used with rich people, but it was jocoque what it's use, is cheaper, salty and not as thick as crema.

  11. I have been following YouTube cooks and cooking for years, but I have never felt so confident in my basic cooking skills until I started watching you. Thank you for helping us know how to make good bases for sauces, have good knife skills, etc., that just make us feel like we could excel and explore in the kitchen rather than having to rely so heavily on the written recipe.

  12. This is one of my favorite go to's for breakfast but I make it in a much lazier quicker way, lol. I'm definitely gonna take my time and try this version because it looks delicious.

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