Homemade Corn Pudding Recipe

This delicious homemade corn pudding recipe comes together with a few ingredients and is always a family favorite during the …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. This is just what I hoped it would be!

    I would like to modify this with some minced jalapeno and serve in ramekins, brulee-style, with just a tiny crunch of burnt sugar on top.

    Do you have any recommendations regarding time and temp adjustments for something like that? Would you use a water bath?

    Thank for posting this!

  2. This is my standard delivery device for corn…lol. Oh my God I love corn pudding. I actually use Chef John’s recipe, but his almost identical to yours. He used maple syrup instead of sugar. The only thing I change is the consistency. I run it through a blender before I add in the cream. I just prefer a smoother texture. I also omit the sweetener as I love it more savory.

  3. Billy, thank you, thank you, thank you!! for the conversion of units to g and C degrees, that means a lot, not everybody wants to do this, but you are different, always going the extra mile (or km? lol) I noticed it since a while ago and I'm really loving and appreciating all your recent videos for this season and every single one, to be honest, your tutorials and detailed explanations have saved me so many times. Wishing you and your family all the best for the festivities, stay safe and thanks so much for this! I should try this recipe, we love corn <3 btw liquids are usually measured in milliliters (ml) but my dear mother, who's now baking in heaven <3 would always, always weight every single thing, including egg whites, yolks, oil and all liquids, because that's how she learned it and she was a profi and a wonderful baker/cook <3 Have a great week Billy

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