Homemade Dutch Baby Recipe

Dutch Baby Pancake Recipe is a delicious light and fluffy baked pancake that is served up with berries, powdered sugar, and …


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  1. I followed a very similar recipe with 1/2c milk, 1/2c flour and 3 eggs. I heated my convection oven to 400, put my cast iron skillet in there for 15 min, removed the skillet and added 3 tbs of butter to coat the bottom and sides. I did this recipe twice — once with skim and the the other with 2% milk. On both occasions, the batter did not puff and rise and my final result was a flat, disc-like pancake. What am I doing wrong here?!?!? HELP!! 🙂

  2. My family has been making Dutch Baby for several generations. It’s a tradition for holidays. We always serve with powdered sugar and lemon. Our edges always fall within 5 min of taking it out of the oven. When I had it at a restaurant they stay solid/upright. Maybe they add baking powder?

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