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  1. This is a great recipe for one reason: Gatorade tastes like the Devil's spit, and this probably tastes like Brazilian summer in a jar. I have in the fridge half of a watermelon, purchased in August and opened last weekend, and I don't know if it's still edible : ( I'll keep this in mind for next summer. Thanks for posting : )

  2. Candice! I love your videos and I know this question is a little unrelated to this particular video, but I was really hoping for some advice.
    I saw in your "grocery haul" video you wrote in the description how your fiance is not vegan. Would you be willing to make a video about that part of your relationship? I am dating someone who isn't vegan and I was wondering how you feel about your non-vegan partner? My partner is supportive of my veganism, but tells me they wouldn't ever be able to be vegan. ):

  3. Hey +Edgy Veg ! I have been looking for a vegan recipe for Taco Bell Steak Chalupas, and Panda Express Orange Chicken! I can not find any vegan recipes anywhere! 🙁 I have been vegan for 2 months now, and I been craving them really badly. Please add these to your list!

  4. This is a great share. Thank you. I just scheduled a DIY recipe for fruit infused coconut water to post tomorrow. The main reason was because the coconut waters with fruit being marketed to kids had a bunch of sugar and extra gunk in it…

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