Homemade Greek Avgolemono Soup Recipe

This incredible Greek avgolemono soup is loaded with chicken, rice, vegetables, and lemon flavor for the ultimate comfort food.


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  1. Well so far I only see about three people who have actually made this recipe, including myself. It was about 10F last night outside and breezy here on a small island in Kittery, Maine. We have always made scratch chicken soup, but made this recipe last night EXACTLY as you did and man my wife and I and our friends that visited all agree that this recipe is hands down THE BEST. It paired really nice with a chilled white wine we get from Sharpe Hill Vineyards in CT. Used to get a very similar soup at a Greek place we really liked but never were able to duplicate it. This is the stuff but even better. I think the key is the small dice vegetables and the lemon. The eggs really gave it a nice thick consistency. Thanks loads for sharing!

  2. OMG! I LOVE THIS SOUP!!!! Especially like the addition of leeks…adds so much more flavor. The only thing I do differently is the avgolemono. Thanks for sharing this awesome recipe!

  3. A variation that my Greek mom uses is orzo instead of rice. We often use hilopites, which are small egg noodles, in my parents' villages when making avgolemono, and orzo is a great adaptation we learned in the US. It gives the starchiness of rice, but a bit more bite from the pasta than the mushiness you get from rice. Other small pasta (ditilini, couscous, pastina) would be great too, avgolemono is a lovely rustic dish that lends itself to whatever you have on hand.

  4. I’m so cold right now but the thought of making this is already warming me up! I’ve been big into soups lately. I love the presentation of your video. I make cooking videos too! 🧑‍🍳 I love to be inspired and learn from other talented creators like you. 👍🏻thanks for sharing!

  5. Sorry cheff but this nothing but avgolemon soup. It is a vegetable soup with rice lemon and egg. The real avgolemon is what it says Avgo "eggs" lemonon "lemon" with rice and pieces of chicken

  6. Made this for dinner last night. It was a huge hit! My brother in law who lives with us is very picky. We assumed he could figure out dinner for himself with the extra chicken. What a shock. He loved it. I just told him it was a version of chicken soup. If I had said it was Avgolemono soup, he wouldn't have even tried it.

  7. Absolutely love that you posted this because we’re all eating more Mediterranean. I hate to call it a diet as it isn’t, but eating healthier and incorporating a lot of grains like Farro, more fruits and vegetables and less red meats. We all seem to be happy about it.

  8. New subscriber here. Great content, thank you. I was watching one of your earlier videos and you mentioned your techniques with knives video. I can't seem to find it among your hundreds available LOL.

  9. I’m just a trail cook, so I wouldn’t tell a chef how to cook. But, there might be another trail cook or two out there who watched their Grandmas or Moms as they cooked. This is to them.

    I would have cleaned that chicken, collected any giblets left in there by a forgetful butcher, cut off the wings, tied the legs together, patted it dry, rubbed it with extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), salted its hide, and roasted that sucker. After a meal or three, I would have collected up the carcass and all those spare parts, sawed the leg bones in two on about a 45 degree slant and put everything that was chicken into a fine mesh bag. Everything vegetable that you added, I would put into another fine mesh bag, maybe adding a few more cloves of smashed garlic in case there’s a witch or vampire nearby. Into a two (2) gallon stockpot, I would add about 1/2 cup of cider vinegar, 1 1/2 gallons of water, and a Tbsp of salt.

    After a couple hours of simmering, I would carefully remove the bags of goodies into bowls, tear apart chicken pieces, return meat to the broth, and toss the rest. The veggie pieces could go right back into the broth, or be blenderized before going back into that scrumptious broth. There’s likely a gallon and a half of rich broth hanging around in there. With that – making excellent soup is simply a matter of refrigerator clean out.

    Almost any food added to that broth, will be three or four steps beyond wonderful. But, I would add rice and some lemon.
    Courtesy of Half Vast Flying

  10. I love chicken and rice soups. But this recipe is a kick up the alley. A must try during the winter months in Nortern Ontario Canada. Thanks for sharing the recipe. Great Video.
    Best Regards.

  11. Thank you so much Chef Billy. I love soup but have never heard of this one. Definitely will be making it. We are in a deep freeze here in Calgary so a hearty bowl of soup is a must. P.S. If anybody else says ‘it’s a dry cold’ – well, I’ll just leave you with that 🤣🤣☃️

  12. It’s great to see your version of Avgolemono. It is one of my winter favs. Add a chicken salad sandwich on toasted cinnamon raisin bread and Life is Good!

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