Homemade Irish Soda Bread with Raisins (Brown Bread)

This 6-ingredient traditional Irish soda bread with raisins is bursting with flavor and comes together in under 1 hour. Irish soda …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. Msde a Dublin Coddle to go with the Soda Bread.
    Your soda bread recipe was outstanding. Love the sugar on top . The bread was a hit. A definite repeater.
    Making your banana bread this week for a 2nd go around.

  2. Being from Northern Ireland, its not brown bread mate, that would be wheaten bread or Veda. You should try the soda farls and potato the bread !! you rock Billy I love you vids!!

  3. I know it might be obvious, but you really should clarify whether or not you're using centigrade or farenheit in video and description. I just came upon this channel and love it. However on some older videos where temps aren't too obvious, there is no clarification.

    Also, measurement of weight in BOTH description and video would help a ton.

  4. Is it possible to substitute gluten free flour?
    I’d like to try using Bobs Red Mill GF all purpose flour, (it’s primarily chick pea flour), would I need to add xanthum gum?

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