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  1. I just made this (didn't have the fried shiitake mushrooms but had all the rest of the ingredients). I only added about 1 tsp of sesame seed oil and 1 tsp chili oil. TOO MUCH heat for me, nose is still running. I'm a wimp so I'll reduce the sesame seed oil and add no more than 1/2 tsp chili oil next time! Super quick, easy and flavorful (albeit TOO flavorful at least for me).

  2. Whoa I've been curious about this because I've been seeing it everywhere and then I go to the comments section. Why is everyone so negative? It's a cooking video. What's there to be upset about?

  3. Oh yes! I love this idea. I don't work, I am on permanent disability, but I sometimes can't make myself food. This is a wonderful idea. I will make some of these when I am having a "good" day and keep them in the fridge for dinner or lunch ..or both…lol Thank you so much for this idea.

  4. This recipe is perfect because I have access to unlimited boiling water at work, and if I want more I can just contain this recipe in a bigger mason jar–which is what I actually have.Β  Thank you!

  5. Um, i can't believe how fucking awesome this idea is. Thanks!! I will definitely be making a thousand variations on this for every single day of my life.

  6. I eat lunch at home.Β  Which is good, because I'm afraid I might like this too much, and, as I end up with soup splash all over my face when I eat soup, 'tis better that I not take this to work with me.Β  I will enjoy a large bowl of this, splashing soup like there's no tomorrow, in the privacy of my own dinette area.Β  Thanks for posting! : )

  7. dont knock this b4 u try it because it is literally so addicting, its teryaki ramen. teryaki is just soy sauce, tamari and sugar so the traditional way of doing it is making ur broth (i made my broth homemade but u can use whatev) then u boil that broth with some onion, some kimchi juice, some garlic paste or powder, soy sauce and tamari or tamari soy sauce, and sugar and let that boil for 10 minutes then siv out the onions (i tried the ramen with the onions in it and it was really gross and i love onions but the solid flavor of the onions dont go well with the teryaki flav, than just add ramen noodles. it is so easy and so fucking addicting ugh!

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