Homemade Sicilian S Cookies Recipe

Bring my Sicilian grandma right to your kitchen with this generations old easy to make S cookie recipe that is guaranteed to …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. All soooo authentic…except your pronunciation of biscotti. Ugh! Speaking as a Sicilian (I was conceived in Sicily, born in the U.S.), it's pronounced "bis-CŌ'-ti." And my grandmother's maiden name was Parisi.

  2. Hi Billy! My Nana made the S & O cookies, too! I tried your recipe, but my cookies flattened somewhat and didn’t keep their shape too well. Any ideas of what I did wrong? I was thinking that my butter might need to be colder. I softened it. Thanks!

  3. I have tried to make them with mixer and food processor. They are ok, but the texture is not quite right. Take his advice and use your hands at least 1 times. It is worth the effort.

  4. Instead of adding water, add vodka. It adds moisture, but the alcohol doesn’t interact with the protein to create gluten, which means your dough will be easier to shape, but are still tender.

  5. If you don't have a pastry knife, food processor, or mixer, you can use a box grater to grate the butter and then work it into the flour with your hands. That's how the French make biscuits

  6. I made them yesterday. Took me back 40 years! Love it, always loved them. My French wife thinks they are great too! Thank you so much and I love the icing just like mom’s. I did one tiny departure, 1/2 butter, 1/2 shortening (like mom did in the 60’s and 70’s), makes them tiny bit lighter. If I didn’t have shortening left over I’d go 100% butter. This would be a little richer.

  7. Our family is Sicilian from Detroit and my grandma made these cookies all the time. She didn't have a recipe, just used what she had on hand and knew it by heart. Sadly, we don't have her "recipe". However, I know she used anise extract. Have you ever made these with anise? Any tips? Thanks so much for this video. I miss these cookies and want to recreate her cookies.

  8. Wow! First time making these for my Detroit Sicilian husband and he nearly flipped out – couldn’t believe how great and authentic they were. Better than “Moms” (god rest her soul) he said! Thanks so much for the brilliant recipe – a new family tradition for us now. Can’t wait to make these with the grand kids.

  9. Oh my god, thank you!! My family is also Sicilian Detroiters, and my aunts won’t give me the recipe 😭 This is the closest recipe I have ever seen to what I remember as a kid

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