Homemade Soft Pretzel Recipe

These delicious homemade soft pretzels are so easy to make at home that you’ll never buy them at the store again. Ingredients for …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. Every Thursday… it's outdoor markets in most parts of France! & Nothing beats 1 or 2 salted pretzels w/ a beer sitting en plein air…. ( Side walk cafe

  2. Novice baker here. Everything was fine until it came to dropping in boiling water. The shape fell
    Apart and trying to get it out of the water the shape was even worse. The first few were pretty bad but some came out ok. After cooking they were too doughy and seemed still too moist. I’m sure I did not cook enough. Made a huge mess in the kitchen. The dough looked beautiful but totally stuck to granite countertops I had to flour each piece as I rolled it. And wound up throwing them away. :(.
    Not a you problem. A me problem I’m sure. I did have fun attempting but doubt I’ll try this again. Such a mess.

  3. Thanks Billy! Today I had lunch with work colleagues and we all had sweetpotato and 'I-do-not-know-what-else-soup' with coconut cream, it was excellent, so delicious, though the reason I am here now is because said delicious soup was served, not with bread as one would expect, but with soft pretzels with butter and OMG it was so delicious. So since a couple of hours ago I was determined to make pretzels at home. I've never made pretzels and to be honest I've been scared of that baking soda bath procedure, but this tutorial has giving me confidence and also from reading other succesful stories here in the comments. Thank you and I will try this over the weekend. Thanks chef

  4. Hey Chef, using lye (sodium hydroxide) is the absolute best for the look, the crust and the best classic pretzel taste. But there is a danger factor because lye is caustic and is dangerous to use and I understand lots of home cooks don’t want to bother with the danger factor of using lye, so a much safer baking soda trick for the home cook (safer than lye) that works way better than just putting baking soda in boiling water and gets much closer in look, crust and taste to the lye version than the baking soda version is to bake the baking soda first. That transforms the sodium bicarbonate of baking soda to sodium carbonate which is much more alkali than baking soda and gives a much better result.

    Just lay out baking soda on a foil-lined baking sheet and spread the baking soda on the pan in a layer, however much you want to use (you may want to make a bunch for future use). Then bake it at 250 degrees for an hour and let cool then it’s ready to use in your recipe and also store for further use (if you made extra). Then just follow the same boiling technique you do with baking soda. It produces a more superior product in the end compared to baking soda and closer to what you’d get with lye but safer than lye because you create a stronger alkali in the oven than what baking soda is naturally, but not one that is as strong and dangerous as lye.

    Give it a try.

  5. Fantastic recipe! Thank you so much. These were easy and delicious. I would have perhaps preferred a bit more salt and butter in the dough, mine came out a bit bland for my taste. We did make a wonderful beer cheese for dipping and that certainly helped. Will absolutely make again! Thank you

  6. This recipe is fantastic. Came out great and delicious the first time. Just made again today, instead of the baking soda I opted to do a quick lye bath and they were that much better. I live in Philadelphia and these match any pretzel I can get here! Thank you for the guidance!

  7. These look very good, & so delicious.. Can you please tell me please do I use a spray bottle to spray the dough before I roll the dough out? Mine falls apart. Please help. Learning how to cook

  8. I’m wondering what would happen if we used bread flour instead of ap flour. I made these today and it came out wonderfully. I was skeptical!! Thank you!

  9. Nice video. Kind of an unusual recipe/prep procedure. Kudos for not recommending the nasty and dangerous food-grade lye bath. Another great touch is your recommendation of mustard as a dip; just about any mustard will do, but my favorites are, in order of preference from best on down, grainy Bavarian mustard, spicy brown mustard infused with horseradish and authentic hot Chinese mustard. I'm not a fan of yellow mustard.

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