Homemade Thin Crust Pizza Recipe

If you’re a fan of a thinner crust then you will absolutely love this easy to prepare Italian homemade pizza crust recipe. Thin crust …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. I did exactly as the recipe states and adding 2 1/4 cups of water, imo, made the dough to sticky. We had to add lots of flour. Could anyone verify if we need less water?

  2. Chef Parisi; I
    have a 6Qt bowl-lift design Kitchenaide. Your thin crust recipe never climbs the spiral dough hook. The dough simply sloshes side to side of the bowl after 10-20 minutes.

    Do I need to double this thin crust recipe for it to work?

  3. Started out a bit sketchy…600g does not equal 3 1/3 cups on my kitchen scale—was more like 4C of "00". And then, even that much (plus the cup of Semolina) resulted in a dough–after 10 min. of mixing–that did not form up over the hook like in the video. This was not my first pizza rodeo, but we made it work. Anyway, when all was said and done and after the first disastrous insertion into the oven (which partially folded over on itself and ruined the pizza stone) the others were great. Very tasty, though not as crispy as I was hoping for. Also I'm now more sold than ever on getting a pizza steel. Merry Christmas!

  4. I used exact amounts of 00 flour and semolina and the dough was very wet and did not climb the hook. I had to add about 9 tablespoons of extra flour to make it less wet. I hope it works. Not sure what I did wrong. Maybe the 00 flour by King Arthur was no good.

  5. Cheaper no fuss way to make the thinnest, most crisp delicious pizza as follows:
    Large flour tortillias 1-4
    Pizza sauce
    Preferred cheese(s)
    Preferred toppings
    1) Place desired number of tortillas on baking sheet in an oven warming to 425F.
    2) Once the up side tortillas are starting to brown flip and slightly brown other side.
    3) Remove tortillias from oven and spread pizza sauce to the edges.
    4) Add favorite cheese(s).
    5) Add favorite toppings.
    6) Place in preheated oven 425F for 12 minutes or until cheese is golden brown.
    7) Remove from oven, allow to cool, slice and enjoy.
    Cook as above but substitute pizza sauce with taco sauce, pre-cook ground beef in taco seasoning and top pizza with cheese and beef. Once removed from the oven add shredded lettuce and diced tomatoes. Your family will love it, especially the kids.

  6. Genuine San Marzano's are good but quite expensive. I use 6-in-1 ground tomatoes which are excellent and make a great sauce. Since most canned tomato products have salt already added I don't add salt. I think pizza stones are quite wasteful of energy so I cook mine on parchment paper directly on the oven rack. I find EVOO way too aggressive in taste for the delicate flavors of pizza.

  7. We made this last night and OMG!!! The best pizza we’ve ever had!! We have made a lot of your recipes and not one has failed to be fantastic! All other pizza fails by comparison. The sauce is so simple and out of this world delicious! Thank you! Keep the videos coming.

  8. 2 questions:
    Can I blend the tomatoes in my Ninja Blender and just use pulse?
    How is it that the doe does not stick to your fingers and hands when you are pressing the air out?

  9. I just made this dough and sauce last night, and it was really good! I needed to add more salt to the dough and the sauce personally. The sauce was a real surprise!! I couldn't believe how good it tasted with just some salt and basil. The species of tomato (san marzano) makes an enormous difference. I have a cast iron pizza stone and a steel pizza peel. I couldn't shift my pizza off the peel to the stone (it got stuck). I ended up cooking my pizza on oiled parchment paper on the preheated stone. It still turned out well, but I'm wondering if cooking directly on the stone would get an even crispier crust. The crust was crispy though! I just want an 'almost burnt' crispyness to it. The crisp I got with this method was a healthy golden brown crisp. You could hear the CRUNCH while eating it. It was delicious! I topped the 1st pizza with the tomato sauce, fresh mozz. cheese, crispy bacon, pepperoni, prosciutto, and maple chipotle glaze. In the 2nd pizza, I added tomato sauce, fresh mozz., gorgonzola, crispy bacon, pepperoni, sage sausage, and maple chipotle glaze. That 2nd pizza made a great breakfast this morning. I had to stop myself from eating the whole thing right outta the fridge cold; it was calling me! I managed to warm up the rest to eat too.

  10. I made it and unfortunately my family did not like it at all. It was tasteless, dry and didn't crisp up on the bottom!!! I always use my pizza stone when making pizza.. so I have no idea what I did wrong! Not my first time making a pizza dough either!!!

  11. I have a question for you- and that;s oven placement. I have made several different style pizzas- cast iron skillet, pizza stone, etc. and I have had good results when the food is between 3 inches from the top rack, to all the way down to the bottom. I have been using my cast iron pizza pan 14" and I preheat it at 550, and then I take it out, make the pie, and put it back in at the lowest rack for 12 minutes or so, but I was curious, would the cheese burn and dough not cook if i moved it closer to the middle or top?

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