Hotel Secrets | MacGyver Style Quesadillas and more made in a Hotel Room with Nikki Limo | Edgy Veg

Candice teams up with Nikki Limo in this MacGyver style video to bring you a whole new take on making Vegan food right in your hotel room. Utilizing the tools …


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  1. It might be easier to find a hotel with a kitchenette for your creative inspirations next time. It's also more hygienic too (relatively speaking). I'm definitely getting my business shirts drycleaned next time I'm in a hotel. Your legions of followers and wannabe-hotel chefs might not be as clean as the two of you…

  2. what a FAIL.  go to McDonalds and get your selves a meal for like $4 or something.  cheapos. I promise it will taste fucking amazing and your not going to die, or get a disease. . I love hearing you say "abuut" you Canadian?

  3. candace i just watched this video and the the on e with Nikki, you are both so Pretty…candice you look awesome, great gams and great pipes…whats your workout and did you lean out? i was wondering if you are a cigarette smoker…

  4. I live on Oahu and when my hubby has work on other islands I basically live there in hotels with him. When we were on Maui I made nachos by putting them on a paper plate covered with foil and let it sit just outside the back door of my hotel room and it melted the cheese in minutes 🙂 So if you're somewhere hot you could maybe try this 🙂

  5. maybe use parchment, that is really nasty to put your food on the ironing board. I assume there are human secretions on every surface in a hotel room. I work in the hospitality industy

  6. This is like Christmas for me! @EdgyVeg, you really helped me on this vegan-ish journey probably the most on YouTube! Nikki, I just discovered you a couple of months ago and you crack me up so much! You both helped motivate me to create my own channel and content!

  7. Nikki was actually how I found your channel! When she decided to go vegan for the month, we did along with her. Like her it just stuck and we've been watching you ever since.

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