Hotel Secrets | MacGyver Style Quesadillas and more made in a Hotel Room with Nikki Limo | Edgy Veg

Candice teams up with Nikki Limo in this MacGyver style video to bring you a whole new take on making Vegan food right in your …


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  1. Omg absolutely how not to make food in a hotel room but it was fun to watch. Who knows what was on that iron or ironing board. You should have asked the kitchen for some tin foil at least.

  2. It might be easier to find a hotel with a kitchenette for your creative inspirations next time. It's also more hygienic too (relatively speaking). I'm definitely getting my business shirts drycleaned next time I'm in a hotel. Your legions of followers and wannabe-hotel chefs might not be as clean as the two of you…

  3. what a FAIL.  go to McDonalds and get your selves a meal for like $4 or something.  cheapos. I promise it will taste fucking amazing and your not going to die, or get a disease. . I love hearing you say "abuut" you Canadian?

  4. candace i just watched this video and the the on e with Nikki, you are both so Pretty…candice you look awesome, great gams and great pipes…whats your workout and did you lean out? i was wondering if you are a cigarette smoker…

  5. I live on Oahu and when my hubby has work on other islands I basically live there in hotels with him. When we were on Maui I made nachos by putting them on a paper plate covered with foil and let it sit just outside the back door of my hotel room and it melted the cheese in minutes 🙂 So if you're somewhere hot you could maybe try this 🙂

  6. Jesus. Get off your phones and actually hang out and talk to each other. Ridiculous. I like Candice but they didn't need to show that to pass time.

  7. maybe use parchment, that is really nasty to put your food on the ironing board. I assume there are human secretions on every surface in a hotel room. I work in the hospitality industy

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