How 500 Pounds Of Fresh Tofu Is Made • Tasty

Watch the mesmerizing process of making fresh tofu at the oldest family tofu shop in New York City, Fong On. Paul Eng …


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  1. How many chemicals leach into your tofu from pouring steaming-hot soy milk in to those plastic garbage bags and plastic buckets (Not safe for food or heat)? Have you ever had this tested before?

  2. I am coming over when I'm in NYC next! Thank you for sharing your story and dedicating your life to great art. Your family is lucky – they have you and the best of their tradition. Tofu is so special.

  3. Great video. Your shop has been a huge staple of my childhood memories. Every weekend my family would go to Chinatown and we would stop by to buy an assortment of tofu – silken soft tofu,firm tofu, sweetened soy milk, grass jelly and of course my favorite was hot tohu with brown sugar syrup. I can’t wait to pass by the next time we visit Chinatown in nyc
    I hope you’re still selling white rice sponge cakes and fat noodles with dried shrimp- yummmmmm

  4. Watching this video while the process of Tofu is practically like ASMR. I never thought that Tofu would be an interesting thing to make. I should try the stuff sometime.

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