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  1. Oh, good grief! A dozen vids on here that don't make it this difficult. Another big shot acting like he is the only one who knows how to bake. Typical NY tude.

  2. I was convinced to stop eating bread because of all the information out there regarding excessive carbs/sugar. And don't get me wrong that stuff is backed by quality science at this point.

    But while studying ancient Greek/Egyptian common culture (lives of regular people) I realized how many people were happily subsisting off mainly bread for centuries. Something just didn't add up.

    Since then I've been incorporating more healthy/substantial breads back into my diet (including plain white bagels topped with hummus) and I feel great.

  3. I don't agree with the , No Glove wearing, I saw a video with Koreans wearing gloves and making Bagels and they were fast, and they boiled them, then baked them, Some people are not clean when they cook, I buy my food and cook it, I know how to make a lot of different things, so I don't eat out, you can get really sick, if you know like I know, If you saw the things I saw you wouldn't be so quick to run out and get fast food….learn how to cook at home, Oh! I don't eat meat either.

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