How I Accidentally Almost Killed My Date (NEVER Again…)

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  1. My husband has a deadly latex allergy
    When we were dating I humoristicly threatend throwing water balloons over him (forgetting he could die)
    He didn’t even say anything, he just kept staring like wtf are you doing

  2. I stopped dating a guy when I found out he had a severe allergy to all tree nuts. I knew I’d end up doing this to him on accident! I spared us both the trauma 😝

  3. Oh my gosh did the same thing to my dad😅 i had made gingerbread cookies with a friend that called for a nut butter. I had peanut butter so I used that. My dad had came home later and saw gingerbread cookies. Now usually he doesn’t eat anything i make because he is allergic to nuts, beans, peas, and soy but deathly allergic to peanuts. And obviously as a vegan, that’s majority of my diet. Well he took a bite, started chewing, realized he could taste peanut butter, and spit it out. My mom raced him to the ER and had to get 3 epi shots. Scary time for me as i thought i killed my dad!

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