How I found out my boyfriend was cheating (In a nightclub bathroom….)

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  1. If you want to cheat, and you know she’s not cool with that, break up with her first y’all don’t want the same things why stay together. If you do cheat, be honest about it, and don’t try to manipulate the story in your favor

  2. I'm sorry. I went through someone cheating on me. It's never ok, ever. When you are in a relationship, you have a certain agreement, that is usually fidelity. If senone doesn't want to be in a relationship, that is is fine, just end it…don't hurt someone by being a POS.

  3. That is insane I can bet money you look better men just cheat to cheat literally no resins and they’ll do it with the most dog looking ram through women that have ever walked the planet!

  4. This kind of thing happens to so many people, and the stories of how they find out are usually also fairly insane. So you're definitely not alone (though this one's pretty up there!). Lots of really nice people who don't deserve this go through it everyday!

  5. At least your friends stood up for you! My ex-wife had affairs and I found out via running data recovery software on a camera's flash card. Later found out that others professing to be friends with me knew.

  6. Ewww!! My goodness lady that’s so vile 😬 so sorry you went through that 😢 he’s disgusting. You’ll never regret walking away. 🫰🏽 Side note that recipe looks 💣🤤

  7. TF!!!! Who tF shows a s*X tape like hey look at what I did… they def have high self esteem (issues?!)…. Gawd tY for sharing this w/ us Candace! Cheers to much more blissful energy always in your life.

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