How I Got Gordon Ramsay To React To My TikTok Recipes • Tasty

Max The Meat Guy shares an incredible story of how his creative recipes lead to a huge following on TikTok and even captured …


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  1. Videos like this are inspirational. I personally aspire to be like the next EggSlut. I had the idea, and didn't know a company like it already existed. But if people gave up on their dreams just because someone else was already doing it, mankind would have never evolved as much as it has.

  2. I'm pretty sure with Max's cooking skills, he could make a proper normal beef wellington, he just likes to mess around and test out new recipes lol

  3. I don't care what Gordon Ramsey says, I think you are a chef with unbelievable imagination and lots of talent. Continue to create your recipes and don't listen to anyone. I am sure pretty soon everybody will talk about you.

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