How I Make My Favorite Hispanic Recipes

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  1. Even if is yummy don't call that thing a Tortilla Española, it's sooooo far to be a real tortilla. And don't say that is the authentic taste of our culture because is not.
    Si es cierto que tienes familia española te aseguro que ponen el grito en el cielo al ver que llamas a eso tortilla española

  2. "you will be eating authentic Spanish cuisine" No, that's an omelette and I'm sure it's delicious, but it's not "*authentic* Spanish cuisine". That's not a Spanish tortilla (that would be olive oil, potatoes and egg, and some people include onion), but regardless of the ingredients, "*authentic* Spanish cuisine" is about the quality of the ingredients rather than the quantity. We have awesome produce here, and we want to be able to test it. If you mix a lot of ingredients and add tons of cheese and butter, you're masking the flavours. So, if you want a random omelette that tastes delicious but you can't pinpoint exactly what you're eating, and it's greasy and you can feel it clogging your arteries (because there are days for those kinds of food and it's perfectly fine and good for the soul), then go with this recipe, but if you want to try "*authentic* Spanish cuisine", look for a more authentic recipe (maybe look for one that's written by a Spaniard and translate it if necessary, I don't think Google Translate can mess it up that much because it's really simple).

  3. Was your Father born in Spain? I don't think so, you're just a mestiza like millions of Hispanics. Dejate de estupideses 🤣🤣🤣. NO ERES ESPAÑOLA

  4. Those Aborrajados look SO GOOD!! I am literally drooling here!!
    My mother is from Cali, Colombia; in her native city, Aborrajados are SOO POPULAR and SO DELICIOUS!!

  5. I thought it was cool when you were talking about different variations of foods you thought resembled your country. It reminded me of like pasties empanadas and hand pies, how they are similar yet everyone adds a little home to it!

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