How I'm Dealing with my Anxiety Right Now | Vegan Chinese Food Mukbang

In today’s vegan mukbang, we talk about my anxiety and how I’m dealing with the world right now. GET PAID TO SHOP AT YOUR …


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  1. Having a very rough time here in nyc. Working from home and humbled by that; but my anxiety and depression are making me frozen and interfering w work. NYC is scary now. Still have not dealt with my elderly parent's death months ago (I was one of mom's caregivers) so this just adds to it. My motivation is really damaged. Hard to get up, hard to take care of self – and since I work with disabled kids as an occupational therapist, I really have to motivate them and be original and enthusiastic to do
    "Teletherapy" (which is new ground for all of us). I am neither, bc I'm struggling. I'm tryin.

  2. Thank you for always being so open about your depression. I was struggling last week. Also, where did you order? We usually grab take out from Buddha's, Greens or Kings. What you ordered looked delish and would love to order the same! xo

  3. It was so great to get to know your fella!!! He had some very thoughtful ideas, I'm interested in who he was referring to, in regards to thinking of a topic and then something to do with 10 things to ?? Anyway, I'm pretty sure you know what I mean! What was the book? Candice thank you so much for bringing up and allowing us into your personal world of anxiety and depression and how you are honestly dealing with it, I always feel less alone when you talk about your experiences, thank you guuurl!!!! Your "boyfriend " seems like a nice guy, thoughtful, smart and good hearted, you seem comfortable with him and that's so so important, right?!!!! Thank you for this video!!!! Both of you Stay Safe and well the best you can
    ❤️💞😷🤒🙏🏼. ❤️Kathy

  4. I love the use of the ladle. Also… Great how this is like sitting and having a conversation with you guys. ❤️ If I didn't live in the deep dark scary hole of Alberta right now I feel like we would be friends!! Xo

  5. AHAAAA so that's why you unpacked so fast, you had one week to return the boxes 😂 I would have never unpacked so fast like you did.😃

  6. i loved this video so much! it was so good to hear the exchange between you and your boyfriend as you both have different ideas. thank you so much for taking the time to make this video. there aren’t many youtubers whose videos i watch regularly, however your positive and accepting energy always shines through and leaves me feeling inspired! i’m currently making a vegan caesar with sweet potato crumble and gardin nuggets that i’m going to toss in buffalo 😍 sending lots of love !!

  7. I'm so happy brands are still supporting you and not leaving you high in dry during these awful times. Also love that it's a brand that is helping us save money with our everyday purchases. love it! I just need to make sure I get in a routine of using it before I submit my online orders lol

  8. I feel like the biggest thing that’s helped my mental health has been limiting my screen time and the time I look at the news. I also go on a walk at least once a day and listen to a podcast or nothing at all, and I notice a HUGE shift in mood when I do this. ❤️❤️

  9. Dead is dead. I hope you are kidding about having a ghost. The spirit world is real. People misunderstand the Bible’s few seemingly apparition appearances of passed on individuals like Samuel before Saul, Moses, Enoch before Christmas prior to his crucification. So-called ghosts are demonic entities. I can prove it. Get a KJV Bible read Psalm 91 and Ephesians 6: 10-18 and repent before the Lord —The Most High God. The Father of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and ask for protection. Do this even if you are not a Christian and rebuke all evil, deceitful spirits. The spirit world is real and nothing to take lightly. May the Most High open your eyes and be a protection and covering for you. If you were kidding I’ll still pray for you and suggest the above for you. Peace and blessings. You are loved by God always.

  10. Good points about motivation! I also think it’s worth reassessing your actual goals. You may not in fact lack motivation – you just have the wrong goals! Shaking up my goals and releasing the ones that no longer excited me or didn’t seem relevant or seemed too distant, then setting fresh goals that made me feel positive and exciting honestly lit a fire under my motivation again X

  11. I made Chinese vegetable fried rice and vegan adobo tonight! I am still working (from home), but I still dont have the time to organize my house…ugh. I really wish I had some time off 😩

  12. This food looks amazing, craving it now!
    I just started a Youtube channel full of vegan content! Recipes, challenges, reviews and more! It would be a lot if you checked it out! 💛

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