How My Grandma's Mac 'N' Cheese Got Me On TV • Tasty

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  1. No lie; I clicked for a mac and cheese recipe for a cookout, and I'm a little disappointed I didn't get it. But this guy has a great syory and a lot of personality; I hope I see more of him.

  2. Found the recipe on the Tasty website for grandma’s macaroni and cheese recipe now looking for the curry chicken watch one video with the chicken breast and I am hooked on this ichef

  3. OK, it seems that everyone wants to know where the recipes are for the max n cheese and curry. Fork it over Jermaine (no pun intended or maybe it was intended). We're waiting

  4. From what I can tell

    A box of elbow pasta and cook that. Bring prolly about a cup or more of milk and like two handfuls of cheddar cheese to a simmer on a cast iron skillet. Add the elbow pasta and mix. Crack a large egg and mix that in too. Then, sprinkle s’more cheese on top and bake at like 350-400° for a few minutes (let’s say like 5-15ish minutes) until brown at the top

  5. Hey is it anyway that we can get the recipe. It looks so delicious and I'm pretty sure everybody thought they was about to get the recipe. So you might as well just give it to us.

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