HOW TO BUILD AN EPIC VEGAN PANTRY | My Kitchen Tour & Storage Hacks & Vegan Staples | The Edgy Veg

Today I am going to show you what my epic vegan pantry looks like and how I manage my storage space, plus some money saving hacks. So, if you’ve ever …


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  1. I disagree w/ the gardein brand of imitation meats. I tried their chick'n tenders ….. And I did not like them at all. I find morning star, Boca, beyond meat, quorn, Paul McCartney's late wife's brand to be much better. Also have u tried gram flour omlette or scramble ?!!! Also known as split chickpea lentil (bésan: bay-sun in Indian) ???? It's sooo good. Simultaneously u can use chickpea bean flour . These flours are also used to create batters for deep frying and baking. as well as a binder in baking !!! And even used in ayurvedic skincare !!

  2. I'm using my Better Than Boullion jars for sprouting seeds. I put about a tablespoon of mixed seeds in a clean jar and add water. Change the water daily until they start to sprout, then just rinse them daily as they grow. I store them in the fridge for a couple of days and add them to salads, bean dishes, wraps, etc.

  3. What is the name/brand of the TVP slices in the jar that kind of look like dog treats? lol I'd like to get some, because Soy Curls always arrive to me broken into small pieces. The ones you have in that jar look much more durable.

  4. You're already doing this I can see with the pasta sauce jars but reusing jars to put your pantry items into. To get the labels off, usually you can soak them in water for like an hour and they rub off easily.

  5. Sorry dont want to rain on anyone's parade but
    No one should be "okay with PALM OIL"
    Wikipedia: "Palm oil cultivation has been criticized for impacts on the natural environment,[74][75] including deforestation, loss of natural habitats,[76] which has threatened critically endangered species such as the orangutan[77][78] and Sumatran tiger,[79] as well as increased greenhouse gas emissions.[75][80] Many palm oil plantations are built on top of existing peat bogs, and clearing the land for palm oil cultivation contributes to rising greenhouse-gas emissions."
    PLEASE TRY to reduce consumption of it

  6. Wow we have very similar pantries. I've been making my own soy milk and oat milk and it's so much better than store bought and cuts down on carton waste. I would love to see your appliance collection!

  7. I’m trying to stay away from soy because I think it aggravates my rosacea but eves vegan bologna & gardein chicken tenders in my air fryer are so good…that better than bullion is awesome also!!! I’m going to start making seitan for different “meats” 😁

  8. I think it's also important to mention that you don't necessarily need a bunch of oils to have an epic vegan kitchen. You can use broths, vinegars, alcohol, and what you didn't mention in your pantry, I think, was soy sauce or tamari.

  9. This video came out at the perfect time! I’m a very new vegan and currently planning my next trip to the grocery store to restock my now animal free pantry 😊 thanks Candice cant wait to try your suggestions out!

    P.s. I’d love to see a video on essential appliances!

  10. Great video 🙂 Thanks, Candace!
    My Grandmother, used to always put a potato in her cooking beans if she hadn't had a chance to soak them, and then would toss out the potato. The theory, is that the potato would absorb the "gassy" compounds of the beans. Have you heard of this, or tried this?

  11. Instant pot video please!!! And yes thanks for the tips especially for dried beans! I'm going to look into stores where I can buy beans in bulk! I have a ton of mason jars…
    In my cupboards I have some lazy susans so I pack those shelves like there's no tomorrow #ijs

  12. Love your videos and humor. You are a joy to watch! My Christmas present to myself was your cookbook. Yay!! I am thinking of borrowing my family's fryer and was curious what oil you choose for that style of cooking. Thanks again for all you do!

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