How to Cut an Onion 6 Different Ways

Cutting an onion is one of the most fundamental culinary basic techniques, so learn these foolproof procedures for perfect cut …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. For anyone looking for that foolproof way to cut onions without crying, get yourself an old pair of ski/snowboarding goggles and keep them in your kitchen. They are now your onion cutting goggles.

  2. I know this might sound crazy, but have you tried using a bowl of water to help prevent tearing up while cutting onions? It's been two years since this video, so you may have learned some new techniques since then. Personally, I find that having a bowl of water next to me always helps, and I never tear up when using it. I'm not sure why, but it seems to work for me.

  3. Why do you make it impossible to reply to you? I call BS on the root NOT protecting my fingers, because, according to you, if I’m an idiot the root isn’t going to help me anyway. Let me see .. Gordon Ramsey .. you. I’ll go with the former. Thanks!!

  4. Don't cut through the dirty, papery skin of the onion with the same knife that will produce the finished cuts. Peel the papery skin and first few layers with a paring knife. Great cuts. Nicely done video.

  5. 3:11 Only one real method is swimming glasses/diving mask.

    You need to isolate surface of eyes from aroma molecules of onion.

    Maybe fan that will blow away aroma also will help as much as heavy breathing.

  6. Put your onions in the fridge let them cool before cutting them to stop the onion tears. I used to slice bags of onions too this trick almost stopped the tears completely

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