How to Elevate the Couch Crash

Join Mei as she gets ready for her sister’s visit to L.A. by elevating her couch and space to become a cozy home away from home …


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  1. can you please bring back Alexis DeBoschneck, cooking crazy menus with "non-cooking-intentional" applicatios? … say, a homeworking tool set (you know, a drill, maybe a blow torch)

  2. So in our house we always do bottled water out on the coffee table, a set of slippers (house), a bath towel and a comfy blanket since its winter with no central heating. For your case I would do the same with the addition of a mini fridge with some drinks your sister likes because hydration is important. also a form of entertainment like books or a tv maybe. as well as a suitable blanket or throw and an extra pillow to cuddle with <3

  3. The loofah is a nice touch! I think you can go even further with more bathroom essentials. Whenever I have folks over, I try to have a spare new toothbrush, travel-size mouthwash, toothpaste, a pack of face wipes, that sort of thing. It's the sort of stuff you can easily include on a regular shopping list and use yourself if your guest ends up not using it.

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