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Learn how to make easy vegan recipes, every week! On The Edgy Veg we use your favourite dishes and make them vegan!


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  1. I hope you have a great Chrismas you funny beautiful lady, with thee most awesome vegan recipes EVER.
    Right now, I'm totally addicted to date paste and pecans thanks to your yummy turtles recipe. I decided to go for a healthier option and not add any chocolate. I cut up apple slices and put the little turtle guys on them. Thanks for introducing me to date paste. Medjool dates melt in your mouth like caramel….mmmmmm.

  2. Nobody looks as adorkable as you blowing a raspberry, which is good, because blowing raspberries appears to be a pastime for you ; ) Thanks for posting this; it reminds me of how much hard work an actual useable recipe demo is. I really appreciate your efforts!

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