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  1. I really want to try these recipes but I DEMAND TO START MAKING MORE VEGAN FOOD! Like your chocolate chip cookie recipe redo that again! Without egg I am allergic to egg!

  2. Deep frying food is so insanely difficult compared to literally every other method possible. I’ve never succeeded in my life. I’ve tried so many times now. I see literally no way to control the heat. “Just crank it up or down” they say. It takes minutes for my stove to react and there is no way to keep it at a stable temperature either it will always keep increasing if I keep it on one setting. Also the oil starts popping and I’m scared that it will catch fire. I’ve been told to use canola but it starts smacking really loud before it even get up to the right temperature sometimes

  3. my family refuses to make fried foood because it uses too much oil ;w; welp and no we dont have an oven so I cannoot oven fry the food either ;-;

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