HOW TO GO VEGAN | Beginner’s Veganism Tips

Let’s chat!! Today I wanted to talk about making the switch to a plant-based diet and what you can do to make it easier! Whether …


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  1. You’re awesome Candice. I look forward to every video. Obviously you have a cooking channel but maybe you’d make an updated “why I’m vegan” or the differences of choosing to be vegan instead of only being plant-based. I also enjoy your flying off the handle ex-girlfriend rants. I wish you peace and love for yourself and others.

  2. First thing that really inspired me when I started eating more plant based was recipes! I received a few vegan cook books as gifts and 3-4 days out of the week, I would choose a recipe from the book and make it! It was fun and I feel like it improved my cooking skills a lot!!

    Another thing that I found super cool was TVP. If you love bolognese or chill, try throwing in some TVP instead of the ground meat and you’ll be amazzzzed!

    Good luck to anyone who is planning on going vegetarian/vegan or even just trying out meatless Monday’s! Before you know it, you’ll be inspiring your friends and family to cut down on their meat consumption!

    You’ve got this 💕

  3. You're Canadian?? So cool!!

    I had to downgrade myself to "aspiring vegan" just because I don't understand protein well enough and I wasn't getting enough in my diet. (So I eat eggs and stopped worrying if milk was an ingredient.)

    I'll review your channel to see if you have any "about protein" videos.

  4. I don't get it. Why do a lot of vegans feel they need to blemish their beautifully clear skin with tattoos all over? I'm vegan but I'm not into needless pain from ugly inks. That's a total turn off for me, and not to mention the fact that it also harms the reputation of vegans in general as it makes them look like junkies. PETA please continue to encourage a healthy vegan diet but not tattoos. No mink nor ink !

  5. And being vegan doesn't have to be healthy! Which many ppl think it is but you can still eat vegan burgers and French fries and be vegan! I recomend ppl to go out to vegan restaurants if they can like once a month or something and try differnt vegan dishes to expand their paladare.

  6. Trying new things is definitely helpful! I haven't tried avocado until I went vegetarian at 21 years of age. I didn't like it because I had no idea how to eat it or know when it's ripe. But now I love me some guacamole!

  7. Ok but the dairy free Boursin cheese is the BEST vegan cheese I have ever had the pleasure of eating! It’s pricey but I literally had to read the package when I tried it because it tasted so real I couldn’t believe it!! Anyway thanks Candace!!🥰

  8. I cannot bring myself to use vegan butter or margarine but I enjoy trying vegan recipes. I hope to do more and more vegan recipes in the future. I am starting to understand how that a vegan diet can give me enough proteins, no problems. And iron if I add more green veggies. I see vegan cooking as an alternative if I miss ingredients to make a cake or pancakes for example. I dont have eggs, no problem, I can still make pancakes!
    Thank you for inspiring us and for the well done presentations , your personnality shines through, you sound authentic.

  9. And what exactly are those who have the normal gene expression where the factors needed to utilize synthetic b12 are absent? Especially true for those of Nordic and Northern Europe descent, where a lack of milk, meat and egg causes deficiency, and, possibly permanent damage?

    It seems to me, vegans want to ignore this truth, but this need, not met by my vegan diet nearly killed me.

  10. Another tip I have is buying a few cookbooks:
    – 1 for everyday healthy food (like "Oh She Glows" or "Power Plates");
    – 1 for comfort classics (like "The Edgy Veg", "Fuss-Free Vegan", "Vegan Comfort Classics", "Sweet Potato Soul");
    – 1 for sweets (any dessert cookbook by Isa Chandra or "Chloe's Vegan Desserts" by Chloe Coscarelli).
    This way you'll be pretty much covered for all your food needs: but this time vegan!
    Follow the recipes and you'll learn while enjoying yourself a lot in the kitchen ☺️

  11. Love the tips. Even though I can cook complex vegan meals, there is always room for something new and definitely room for improvement. Thanks Candace.

  12. Skin-on Potatoes boiled with garlic and rosemary then mashed with plant based milk, butter, bouillon and nooch. Add some siracha if you like a little smoke and heat. Serve plain with butter or with a simple, light gravy.

  13. I love how you’re adding tips on cooking, to me going vegan has helped me learn how to cook! I feel like it’s a super power honestly. Thank you for making this, had to share it!

  14. I had no idea where to find nutritional yeast when I first went vegan, but once I found it, I wondered why I never heard of it before because it is amazing! I have a friend who has been vegan for decades and I should have brought her with me the first time I went looking for some of these new ingredients. Have a guide or be a guide!

  15. loved these tips! My best tip is to have a good spice selection at hand. It's somewhat daunting when you're a new vegan or new cook in general and you're missing something. Look at recipes in advance that you'd like and stock up if you can!

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