How To Host A Vegan Thanksgiving

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  1. Look I respect vegan people but I don’t like how some vegans pressure others to eat like them. My sister is vegan and my dad and older brother don’t like when she cooks vegan stuff at home

  2. my body is addicted to the animal foods but my spirit wishes the stamina i used to have but its not enough to create healthy apetite as i was vegan, they'll fix this with science and aspiring failed vegans can one day do this as an exact science with raw data

  3. It annoys me when people act like they’re helpless and can’t go vegan.. go vegan.. you don’t need other people to cook for you. You don’t need to make up a million excuses. You simply stop buying and consuming products that exploit animals.

  4. wait, what now… did you just say you used to snack on the turkey gizzards as a tradition? wow! even when I was not vegan…those smelled horrible and were simmered in a separate pot for the dogs! kudos to you for making such a big life change and great video thanks!!

  5. I like cashew nut "cheese"cake with guava topping. Try it.
    In Brazil, people like to eat guava candy with cheese and name this misture "Romeo & Juliet". There is even the Romeo & Juliet pizza flavor. When I eat tofu+guava I say " Should I name this Romeo & Mitiko or Kenji & Juiet?" Hahahahahaha
    In the region of Brazil ehere cashews rise, Raimundo is a very common male name. So I call that "cheese"cake "Raimundo & Julieta". :{)

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