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  1. Btw they only did the pizza in the microwave because this is an office. There’s no oven. Don’t say but tasty is literally a giant kitchen. Not every office is a giant kitchen.

  2. The pizza one is not good….
    Best way to reheat pizza if you want a crispy base is to put it in the microwave for 1 min and while that’s heating up, warm up a fry pan on high. Then once the pizzas done, put it in the fry pan.

  3. Over three years ago, my wife and I bought a house with very little counter space (short story … renovations). We decided to try for one year to not use a microwave.

    Three years later .. we have no desire to have one. EVERYTHING is better if you cook it.

    Pizza … turn on the oven to 400F. Before it's heated up (350F if you can tell), put the pizza on a wire rack on a cookie sheet and put it in. In most ovens, the broiler element will still be on at this point. Cook for about 10 minutes. If you like, turn it on broil the last 2 or 3 minutes.

    Sandwich (and 90% of all leftovers) … one word … BUTTER! Cut the bread and chicken into cubes. Heat a couple tablespoons of butter in a pan until it starts to smoke. Toss in the chicken and bread and cook until browned. When you order it, get potato salad or something that you can eat the next day. My wife first did this with a leftover Rueben and it was amazing. We now follow this for most of our leftovers. You can cook multiple things in one pan, like mashed potatoes and steak.

    Salad … throw it away. Make a new one. Come on… it's freakin' lettuce.

  4. Take two cold slices and put them together like a regular sandwich….microwave on high for about a 45-90 seconds depending. Voila'! Enjoy your hot pizza sandwich anew!!!

  5. pizza is bet reheated in pan over the stove, sandwiches: don't toast the bread, again stove top with the sauce side down and let it soak into the bread and get toasty, salad: ionno you coulda mixed it with the sandwich maybe?

  6. I simply put my L-O pizza in a pre-heated over that also had a bowl of water in it 😉 I do the same for BBQ chicken (hot-wings, KFC, roasted-breast, BBQ-legs, etc)
    For beef and steaks though, I rather let it re-heat along with broth while it cooks potatoes in small 2" size, and thicken everything when cooked with a sauce-pack (any flavour you wish)
    For pork…. I do not like the taste of re-heated pork. I rather eat it cold with lots and lots of black-pepper along with toasted bread and butter or roasted potatoes (the kind we eat at breakfast)
    Pork-ribs though, either BBQ or Chinese-spear-ribs, those I will eat em cold as they are with nothing on the side, and I will eat 3x as much as when they were freshly cooked the day before (this is my midnight snake…. it got meat and sugary dessert all at once ☺️ 😋) 😉

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