How To Make 3 Easy Dinners Kids Will Love • Tasty

We’re cooking with Kanchan! Watch as she shows us three easy dinners your kids will love (plus many tips and tricks along the …


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  1. Dude… Get her off camera.. She's being way too pretentious and weird being all hyper. The recipes are super but just my eyes dont want to see her cooking and hearing her high low tone.

  2. i loved the video but i just cant get over the accent…..i am Indian and that accent has become such a joke here in India (the rolling Rs sounding and streching your last words) that i find it mildly annoying…..this accent is exactly what happens when you send your kids to America and they return with a weird fake accent….but apart from that great cooking and awesome video

  3. I'm 43 years old with no kids but I made those chicken kebabs, put them on some naan with homemade hummus, lettuce, red onion, tomato, and a quick cilantro-lime sauce and it's all I have eaten for 3 days. Lucky kids at her house.

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