How to Make a Filipino Fruitcake Recipe As Made By Cheska Bacaltos • Tasty

Cheska’s family from the Philippines makes this easy and yummy fruitcake every year for the holidays. Learn how you can make this Pinoy fruitcake yourself!


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  1. I have a bad introduction with fruitcake when i was 6, i opened the fridge and saw this kinda bread, I thought it was beautiful and… delicious (maybe to the adults). The strong flavor of alcohol the first thing I got to taste! 😝 the reason why i don't like it growing up so I'd grabbed Queso de bola instead. 😂

  2. Filipinos always have long af christmas preparations

    halloween in my neighborhood just isn’t a thing and when november hits the calendar the christmas countdown has already gone halfway through cuz that we just countdown from— idk, the beginning of october

    everybody must already be sleep deprived yet hyped on the night of christmas eve and other festive celebrations (i can’t actually sleep, tinadtad ng wagas talaga yung tansan at naparami yung nanghihingi sa magkakapitbahay namin)

    then y’know christmas happens

  3. My favourite fruit thing when I eat with my family, is creamy Filipino fruit salad. Or when I had nothing to do, just go down to the end of the street and get some Turon or puto bumbong, or getting banana-que.. ahhh!! Just talking about this makes me hungry.

  4. Fruit cake originated in Europe, to be really specific England, its white people food. Has nothing to do with Filipino at all. Honestly you basically said Mexican sushi or English Tacos or African ramen.

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