How to Make a Sourdough Starter Recipe (Levain) // FOOL PROOF PROCEDURES

Use these ratios if you plan on making 4-6 loaves a day, if you’re only making 1 loaf a day then cut the amount of flour and water used by 1/4 from day 1 all the …


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  1. It will be my first time making a Starter, and I've must have watched at least 10 videos today on Youtube… I should have gone straight to yours, as usual, great technique, and you are so easy to follow. Very pleasant to watch and learn. I live in Miami Beach. The weather is very balmy already, and I will put it outside to get some great flavors as per your instructions.

  2. Thanks Billy for the video.
    This is my first time that I am making starter .
    I am gonna back sourdough bread twice a week , question:
    1- how should I store the starter ?
    2- how to feed that ?

  3. I used tap water instead of spring water by accident. And I’m on day 6 and my starter didn’t double in size in four hours. Does this mean I can’t bake the bread? Should I throw it away or keep feeding it?

  4. Isn't it too wasteful? I'm just trying to understand why use all that flour and do all that discard, as other videos I saw use way less flour and zero discard. Is there any advantage by making this process?

  5. Can’t wait to start this tonight. I have one question please. I’d like to incorporate a specific San Francisco sourdough starter culture. Is this okay as lon as I subtract the weight from my whole wheat flour? Than you. GREAT Channel!

  6. Hi chef Billy every time I want discard some of the batter noticed my starter batter is runny but in video your starter batter looks much thicker than mine I wonder You use less amount of water than what You say in video. Also I have small home proof box(Brod &Taylor) which bought from Amazon first day I do my mix and set the temperature 90.F in day second mix already doubled in volume and lots of bubbles I do not know what to do continue day 2 or jump in to day 4 or 5 .
    Thank You

  7. Question – I reduced the recipe and have only been adding about 174 g of water and flour each day. (It ends up being about 30 percent of your recipe.) Should I still reduce to 250 grams on the 4th day or should I take 30 percent of that and do 72.5 grams since I’ve got a smaller amount?

  8. I tried making this starter and in the first few days, it was very active (doubled and was bubbly). It's now day three and has a bit of a sourdough smell but it hasn't risen at all and has a few bubbles, but not many. (This is around 10 hours after feeding). Am I doing something wrong?

  9. Hi Chef i don't know why my starter doesn't look dry like yours, i used whole wheat flour and water 1:1 (50 g.) It's looks very liquid. The temp. in my country is 34-38 C (I want to send you my starter pic. )

  10. It's not degrees it's Fahrenheit. 93 degrees will be boiling with leaving it in a house in a spot that's 70-90 degrees… This video needs to be fixed to specify Fahrenheit for those countries that use degrees. It's a good video apart from that.

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