How To Make Alexis's Chicken Teriyaki Crispy Rice Noodle Bowl • Tasty

Learn from Alexis as she shows us how to make her delicious chicken teriyaki crispy rice noodle bowl! If you want more of Tasty, check out our merch here: …


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  1. If you add a lot of sauces or gravy onto the deep fried noodles, the noodles will become soft and create an interesting soft texture. It's common in Cantonese cuisine. We called this "yin yang" or "ying yong" or "yuen yang" noodles. Look it up!

  2. I prefer this same chicken teriyaki recipe but with boiled rice noodles but you would want to leave the noodle in a bowl with hot water until ready. Trust me, it tastes so good when it boiled rather than fried

  3. I tried it, the teriyaki is awesome, but salt is a little bit high and my vermecilli turned out some how nice and some batches not. But I’m going to boil rice with it and the combination will be better , hope so 👍 Thanks for sharing this incredible recipe.

  4. i have seen a lot of recipes but i dont know which is the right one i have seen with sake with cornstarch and without with orange juice and without can you write me yours or tell me the differences?
    also do you have soy sause recipe?

  5. She said she wanted a lighter meal compared to a teriyaki bowl, but doesnt frying the noodles make them heavy bc of the oil? (Genuinely curious bc I also want a lighter teriyaki bowl too that isn't all veggies)

  6. You spelled Alexis’ the wrong way. It’s not Alexis’s, It’s Alexis’. You don’t add an extra S if her name ends with an S. Instead, you do what I showed you if you want to say that the recipe belongs to her. Just wanted to say I can’t stand the bad grammar.

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